What are the types of cartoning machines?

December 6, 2020

According to the working principle of the cartoning machine, the cartoning machine can be divided into:

1) Intermittent Motion Cartoning Machine

Intermittent Motion Cartoning Machine are generally suitable for customers who do not have enough requirements for the speed of the cartoning machine. Generally, it can reach 90-100pcs/min.

Automatic Cartoning Machine DXH-130

Automatic Cartoning Machine DXH-190

2) Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine

The Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine speed can reach 200-500pcs/min, which is suitable for customers with high speed requirements.

According to the way of carton feeding, cartoning machines can be divided into vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine.

High Speed Cartoning Machine DXH-200

High Speed Cartoning Machine DXH-300

1) Vertical Cartoning Machine

The vertical cartoning machine drop the product from the top of box, which can be fed manually and automatically.

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

2) Horizontal Cartoning Machine

The horizontal cartoning machine push the product from the side of box, and then seal the box with glue or flap insertion.

Automatic Cartoning Machine DXH-130