Automatic Overwrapping Machine BTB-210

Automatic Overwrapping Machine BTB-210


Suitable for outer over wrapping of CD/DVD box, stationery, condom box, playing card, cigarettes box, perfume box, cosmetic box, drugs box, candy and chocolate box…etc.
Automatic Overwrapping Machine BTB-210


  • Wrapping materials: Cellophane, BOPP(OPP) and heat-sealable film or paper.
  • Equipped with optional stacker or collating system to save manpower and increase production.
  • Flexible size ranges with quicker changeover system, easy adjustment for different product sizes.


Model BTB-210 BTB-260
Packing Speed 20-80boxes/min 20-60boxes/min
Packing Size L+H+(5-10mm)≤210mm L+H+(5-10mm)≤260mm
Packing Material BOPP Film BOPP Film
Machine Dimension 2100×800×1560mm 2100×860×1600mm
Machine Weight 800kg 880kg
Total Power supply 4.75KW 4.75KW
Voltage Supply 220V 50/60HZ 220V 50/60HZ

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